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woot hey

2008-02-20 00:29:46 by BACHLAVA

HEY iam startin fresh , me and my buddy are makin falsh animations like motherfucks so stick around and check out whats up


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2008-02-23 02:04:04



2008-08-21 01:33:27

I fived your player and hope it passes. Nice to have one in the portal, i did but it was very crappy and i took it down out of embarassment. :D
thanks for sharing it.


2008-08-21 23:19:58

I have watched your animations and felt inclined to leave a comment on your page. Keep making animations. Make them longer, and with more detail. It looks like you made most of your animations on rainy afternoons when there was nothing else to do, and when it stopped raining, you forgot about making the animation better and just submitted it to newgrounds. That is why most of your animations don't make it above the 2.5 rating score mark. Just take more time in them, that's all i'm saying.


2008-08-26 19:05:20

Lol... give me the .swf of the "stolen" game please.


2008-09-19 01:41:07

Its great to see that your still in the game! Just keep a solid pace and improve while creating! Hoping that all future projects pass in the portal!